Investigating of value engineering in reducing costs in development projects and providing a solution for cost optimization


1 Faculty member, Civil Engineering Department, Islamic Azad University of Khomein Branch, Khomein, Iran.

2 Graduate Student in Construction Management, Faculty of Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Khomein Branch, Khomein Iran.


Value engineering is an organized effort to analyze the performance of systems, equipment, services, and institutions in order to achieve real performance with the lowest cost of project lifetime, which is consistent with the quality and safety of the project. Value engineering is one of the improvement and problem-solving techniques that has been proven to be effective over more than half a century in various industrial, service, construction, and manufacturing sectors. Expansion of the application of value engineering in the design and implementation of construction projects indicates the ability of this approach to reduce the cost of increasing and improving the quality of the project and creating added value that can play a significant role in the successful implementation of development projects that the budget and cost section plays And leads to an effective upgrade of quality and lower costs. In this paper, we have investigated the value engineering approach in designing and implementing construction projects. The results obtained from the assumptions of the research indicate that 5 assumptions have been confirmed. Also, the reliability of statistical tests was determined by designing the neural network


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